Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Packing for London

 Yes! This is what it looks like, when I'm packing. This time I really don't know what to bring. I'll only be staying in London for 4 days, so I really only need four outfits. I'll come back tomorrow with pics of what I choose to bring:)

I actually forgot to take pics of what I packed for the trip, but I'll show you some pics of my closet/bedroom very soon - a lot tidier than what you see here in my packing-mess.

DIY - Blinged out maxi dress

I bought this maxi dress for under £3/$5 and I though I would bling it out a little in the back. You can do this on all clothes or bags or whatever that you think could need a little extra something. It's very easy to do and it looks great.
 Find some stones in the color that you like - don't buy the very cheap ones, because the outcome will look just that. I got some that are gold on one side and grey on the other, so that I could choose either one. 
 All you need is a piece of garment, a scissor, needle and thread and some stones.
 Lay the design out on the item to see how you want the final result to be.
And just sew on each stone.
Go to Tanyesha to see more pics of OOTD.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello sailor...glam it up

This was my look today. I choose an all black outfit with my new Mango blazer and Malene Birger studded leggins. I almost never wear heels. -They make me feel too dressed up, but I love to wear some once in a while and look kind of glam:)
Hoping you all had a great day.
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Chillin' in a hammock

I wish summer was here. Most days it's like it's autumn, not spring or summer. I'm going to London in Thursday and I hope they have warmer weather, though I know to bring my umbrella...
Well, it's also almost time for a new giveaway. I have a few things lined up, so remember to follow via google and Bloglovin'. Giveaway will start sometime next week - I'll do a post showing you, what you can win then. In the meantime enjoy your weekend:)

Kim Kardashian out in London - May 17, 2012

Looking nice in a white dress with gold studs and black heels. Kim is still in London in case any of you are in London. I know she'll be in Westfield tomorrow and in Debenhams today. I really love this dress, especially the top part. The shorter do also really suits her and makes her look fresh and summery.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 fave Essie pastel polishes for spring

 Springtime means patels. Pastels in your wardrobe and pastels on your nails. These are my 10 favorite patels polishes from Essie. The pics below are all with two coats of polish. The newest to my collection is the blue one (borrowed and blue) and is together with Instant Hot my fave.
Borrowed and blue 
 Love & acceptance
 A crewed interest
 Mint candy apple
 Instant Hot
 Sand Tropez
 To buy or not to buy
 Topless & barefoot
Guchi Muchi Puchi

I'll do a post with bright summer nails too soon. Aren't polishes fun:)

Dip Dye Henna Fingers

I did the dip dye henna fingers a couple of weeks ago. I really loved the look, but I'm out of henna, so I have to wait to do them again until I get some new henna. You can also put it on your nails, but it doesn't come off, before the nail grows out, so that's why I only put in on the skin. What do you think of the look?

Kim Kardashian out in London, May 16, 2012

Kim out in London in a white and light grey snake print dress. I'm not sure I would choose those shoes with the dress, as the black ancle-strips make her legs look shorter. I know she'll in Debenhams on Friday, if you are in London.

Stripes on parade - OOTD

This was the look of yesterday. I got this dress at H&M. It's the kind that is shorter in the front than in the back. It's my first dress with this cut. I think I'll go for a skirt like this too. I also wore a blazer that I bought from Kim Kardashian's ebay auction a couple of years ago. -It's by Bebe. It's one of my favorite pieces in my closet. Jewelry is from River Island and sandals from Zara. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian at LAX, May 15, 2012

Kim in all black at LAX airport on her way to London. I love those Louboutins - too cute. Black is my go-to color and half the the items in my closet are black - black always work with everything and it's so timeless and cool. For summer though, I try to wear more color. 

Latest OOTD on Tanyesha

I started a new blog with OOTD posts about a month ago. I'm starting to think that I should do them on this blog instead. I have three blogs now and I find it's hard to blog on three different blogs and update often on all three. What do you think? Should I cancel TANYESHA and have OOTD post on here? 
This is the outfit I wore yesterday. Kind of statement knitted vest with the feathers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian's ebay auction May 2012

These are just a few of the amazing items Kim has for sale at ebay this month. I see a lot of things that I want, but they are pretty prizy, so I'm not sure I'll get anything this time.
Go HERE to the auction.