Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kim and Ciara

Kim and Ciara out for lunch at Ciara's birthday. Love both looks; especially Kim's sweater.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I love emerald colored accessories. You can make an outfit stand out just throwing on a nice emerald colored scarf or some emerald bling. The color goes well with black. Look at Kim in emeralds at The Angel Ball

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knitted Beanie

Winter lets us all dress up a little extra using gloves, hats, knits, scarfs etc. How cute are these beanies. A look at those chanel gloves on Kim Kardashian. LOVE

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jennifer Lopez

From one white dress to another... How beautiful does Jennifer Lopez look in this picture and she's 40! Love the dress on her.


Look at this dress. Fits Kim like a glove. Love the shoulder details.


Liking this pic of Kourtney and Scott. Really classy oldschool style.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mila Kunis

This is not a new picture of Mila, but I really love that dress. Love the details on the shoulders. Love her hair too.

Greys and blacks

Greys and blacks always look good. Love the jacket on Kim.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kourtney and Scott in New York

Kourtney and Scott both know how to dress.

Kim Kardashian in grey

Grey is great for fall and winter. How cute is that cape-coat!

Palermo's closet

As you may know I'm loving Olivia's fashion style. Here's a peek inside her closet. Who wouldn't want that closet?! She also has the most amazing jewels.

Another Palermo moment

Once again Olivia shows us how to dress in style. Liking the jacket

Kourtney's NY style- the turban

How cool does Kourtney look. Her style is more adult lately and I'm loving it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taylor Swift rocking fall fashion

Taylor Swift in London today: totally falltime fashionable

Knitted cape

Talking about Asos...I bought my first cape a couple of days ago. Uh-hu! Just 273 kr! I really like this color for fall and love the military feel about it. I'm off to London in 3 weeks and this can help keep me warm. Can't wait for my delivery!

Beautiful yet affordable maxi dresses

Asos is one of my favorite online stores. They have a great range of maxi dresses. Here's my favorites. You can dress any of the dresses up by adding statement jewelry. . Prizes on these are from 169 kr to 660 kr. Very affordable.

Talking about Kim and jewelry...

Look at the bangles and earrings Kim's wearing. Totally chic! Her friend Loren makes them. Tjeck out more at The pieces are pretty prizy, but hey it's free getting inspired :)

Kim Kardashian in NYC

Today is Kim's birthday. She's turning 30. As you may know by now I totally love her style. How beautiful is that necklace she wore out yesterday. It's from her new jewelry line called Belle Noel

Sofia Vergara in Beverly Hills

LOVE the shoes!

Natural Nailpolish

I do my nails with black henna paint. You can buy henna in Indian or Arabic stores. It is a powder made of natural ingrediens that a lot of people use as hair color or as decorating on hands or feet ( especially for weddings). I use it for nailpolish. It comes out matte and lasts until your nails grow out. It becomes a little more brown in color after a while. Here's how I do it.
My nails before putting on new "nailpolish"
Mix a little bit of water with the powder

Mix together using a qtip until its a paste

Start applying on to your nails  (you can do two coats if you want)

The finished look: Matte black