Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hermes Birkin

This is the bag of all bags. The classic Hermes Birkin bag. It comes in a great range of colors and is very popular among celebs. I love the black and the tan one. I have a tan one myself and I love it.Olivia Palermo uses her black and tan one reguarly and Kim Kardashian carries one of her Birkin's very often. Victoria Beckham has one in almost every color. It goes so well with a classic outfit.


  1. this is THE BAG I have a Michael Kors similar and well within my budget... lol it give it that look and feel...
    this would be a goal to achieve later .
    great post..
    new follower...

  2. Where can i find an "affortable" Birkin bag!!???

  3. A great idea, sign me up! The advice you get on here is the best on the web.