Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giveaway ends in 3 days!!! So enter now...

If you want to enter my giveaway go here. Giveaway ends September 3rd.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding: Kim Kardashian's bridal shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Mr. Giuseppe Zanotti custom made these shoes for Kim for her wedding. So beautiful. The shoes really mean a lot on the weddingday, even though people really don't see them that much.

Bella Box - Girly acryllic organizers

Isn't is lovely... The sparkling acryllic box and tray from Bella Box. It comes in 4 colors. I love acryllic boxes for makeup and jewelry. And these are just something special. Go here to tjeck them out:)

Congrats Beyoncé!

The amazingly beautiful Beyoncé is expecting her first child with Jay Z. She's looks so happy. Maybe there's a new rapper or singer in there. Congratulations! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get your Kim Kardashian's Belle Noel jewelry on sale at RevolveClothing

I love Kim Kardashian's jewelry line Belle Noel. I have purchased a few of the pieces before. Today I just saw that some of the items are on sale at and just HAD to get some more pieces. Go here to find the pieces you love.

I got these 3 items

When purchasing enter the code TULIP and get 10% off your order:)

Current top 5 likes from Topshop

You don't have to guess to see that one of my favorite go to colors is black. How about those boots...Thinking of getting them. Are they stylish or ?

YoungG A feat. Charlotte

I am so lucky that I am surrounded by talented kids every day I go to work. The latest talent is this song by Ali and Charlotte produced by my coworker Jon. Press play to listen to two of our talented youngsters. So proud. 

In TV for helping Africa's Horn

In TV yesterday for our contribution to the drought in Somalia. Jump to 0:54 to see us in action. It's in Danish guys so many of you might not understand it... Also remember that you can make your donations here or here

REMEMBER the 1 year Giveaway!

Remember to enter my giveaway. It ends September 3rd. Go HERE to enter and see the prizes!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wanting: a cool nail ring

Nail rings are so in right now. We've seen them on Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Beyonce wore them in her latest music video. I think they are fun and different. I would wear just one on my ring finger. Beyonce wore nail rings from Bijules. They are $166 each. The ones in the second picture is also by Bijules and they are $8000 each! The ones in the last two pictures I am selling myself. They are only about $30 each. Go here to buy one or email me.

I love this bird nail ring also from Bijules. It is $1000 and you can buy it here. The gold one is also from there.

Loving: stacks of bracelets


I started a donation with Danish Red Cross and I am hoping you will help me to collect as much money as possible to the 12 million people in Somalia. Children are starving to death as we speak. Even a small donation will make a difference. Go HERE to help me!!!

Freida Pinto in InStyle UK - September 2011

OMG!!! I love everything about this spread in InStyle UK. Freida Pinto looks absolutely beautiful. I love the pictures, the makeup and I LOVE the clothes and accessories. Would die for the Chanel jacket in picture 6.

Rihanna Out in London - August 19, 2011

Loving Rihanna's new hair. Lovely colors and much more natural than the hot red. I'm also loving the curry colored jacket.