Sunday, April 10, 2011

1st Giveaway

Well...I'm back and well rested from my London-trip. I had an amazing time in the city with my fiancé. We went to Madame Toussaud's and took pictures with a lot of famous people. Real fun. Also did some shopping. (I will be showing you some of my buyings this next week)
And for my first giveaway...You can win a little goddie-bag with some stuff that I have bought. All you have to do is follow this blog with google friend connect,  follow me on bloglovin' and follow my interior design blog here. You also have to tell me why you should be the winner in the comment box. I will pick a winner April 30th:)



  2. Because I was following both blogs before you ask.
    I really hope to win. I've never won anything before!

  3. Because we're doing our very first giveaway right now too!! Love your blog...great job!
    Check us out at:
    Jayme & Mendi
    Richmond, VA

  4. I may not be a long time follower. But ever since I came a cross your blog, which was 2 months a go. I have never missed any of your posts- (I have bookmarked your site rather than followed the blog- much easier for me)

    Your blog is my go to place for all things inspirational. From celebrity outfits (we share the same style icon which I LOVE) to your Jewelery storage ideas (I enjoyed this post immensely, it was really interesting and I have actually taken some of your ideas and did that to my collection).

    Your blog is the best and I wouldn't change a thing. You just have to keep the fantastic work that you have done so far. :)

    I won't be upset if you don't choose me for the giveaway, because I am happy with the gift of following and reading your blog.

    P.S. I am so sorry if this is cheesy but I am genuinely expressing my feelings. :)

  5. hello gorgeous,
    Both of your blogs are inspiring I can't get enough, especially the interior design.
    Also love that you always post the kardashians adore kourtney !
    I've been buying things here & there lately to update my bedroom & look at your blog daily for ideas. Not sure if you are an interior designer but if not you should definitely go for it! I have no doubt you would be a success !


  6. What darling blogs...both are fun, and inspiring! Why should I be the winner? hmmmm because you need a new best friend? I would have to be yours if I won! thanks!