Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The drought-disaster in Africa's horn is the worst in more than 50 years. Millions of children, men and women may die in this part of the world. They need all of our help. NOW! It haven't been raining for 4 years some of these places. This affect me more than any disaster ever and I'm so sad to see people starving every day on tv. It really hurts me to see. My fiancé is Somalian and it really affects me that all these children, mums and dads are starving as I write. PLEASE HELP THEM too. You can donate here or here or you might know some other place to make your donations. We throw away a lot of money on makeup, clothes and other unnessesary things, while all these people only need very little to live. Take action and help! These pictures are very strong, but I want to make a statement.

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