Friday, September 16, 2011

Help me improve my blog

I have been doing this for a year now and I think it's about time I do something improve my blog. Well I do see I get a lot of hits everyday, but not a lot of you take the time to comment... So this is where you come in. What changes would you like to see here on FashionBeautyGlamour? As of now I have been posting pictures of some of my favorite celebrities (mostly Kim and Kourtney Kardashian looks), posting a little about clothes, shoes and makeup, some posts about natural beauty recipies, new buys and some other random stuff. Please take time to leave a comment so I can better my blog and get more of you to comment and follow:)


  1. First where is that drawing from? And I love the blog I'm from the states but I am always looking for other blogs by other Muslimahs:) I would just say add more makeup reviews :) Jummah Mubarack

  2. okay I will. I will be doing what's in my makeup bag soon and also I will be reviewing beauty stuff from Yves Rocher once a month. Thank you Hanna for your comment:)

  3. I love your blog and I'm always checking it to see if you've updated it, you have this way of writing where you always want to read more. Your very in the know when it comes to fashion & beauty, however I think more personal posts would be really nice, like an outfit of the day, or a make-up looks.

    Another thing is (from someone who is a blogger too)I think its important to make a facebook page. Although I have quite a few followers, I've noticed since I've advertised my facebook page on my friends walls and got them to post it on their people's walls I've been getting over 1000 views per day on my blog and even more on the facebook page.

    Another tip is lots and lots of commenting on other people's blogs so yours gets noticed because its worthy of lots of viewers and followers.

    Hope this helps xoxo

  4. thanks for your advise hon.I feel we have a lot in common. BTW I LOVE your blog:) I think I will try to do an outfit of the day and see how it goes:) also some makeup-looks maybe.

  5. First of all i love your blog in general! I think your doing a good thing here! The only thing I would say to fix is the layout of the blog in general.I think it makes a great difference when a person can see the blog in a better view. A lot of people are very visual and the way the blog looks to them makes a lot of difference. I would also like to see more personal posts such as outfits, makeup, etc. Other than that I think your doing a great job and i love visiting your blog!