Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm back...+ By Malene Birger sale wish list

So...I've been gone from blogging the last 10 days, because my grandfather had a stroke and is still in hospital. We're not sure if he's going to make it. He's over the stroke, but his lungs are really bad and so is his heart, so he needs help to breath. We hope they can help him so he can come home. We're praying and hoping for the best. I'm very close with my grandparents so I really didn't have the drive to be blogging or do anything the last week and a half. Just wanted to let you know, why I'd been gone.
Well, to something else...It's soon sale time here in Denmark, and if you follow me, you know how I love By Malene Birger, so here are the items I have on my wishlist. Obviously I can't have it all. I definitely want the candles and the teddy-goose and some towels for my future home. I'm moving to London with my then husband in August. Hope you're all well <3


  1. Hi, Glad your back! Inshallah your grandfather will get well really soon. I love the long skirt and the candles :)