Monday, June 4, 2012

Giveaway - blinged out nailring

This is the first of June's 3 giveaways. What you can win is this blinged out nail ring. Go HERE to enter! Ends Saturday June 9th and is open world wide

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  1. 1. We have a few things in common
    2. I'm also a convert to islam
    3. I live with my mother and sister for only 6 months of the year, as they spend the other 6 months running a Madrassa for girls in Morocco
    4. I work 3 days a week for a housing association in Norfolk.
    5. I enjoy making jewellery
    6. Favorite meals, anything with seafood
    7.Love to watching Youtube videos, as i like learning how to do new things
    8. I will be going to Granada this month and to Morocco in October
    9. I used to wear braces & glasses!!
    10. I collect Silk scarfs and sunglasses.