Monday, February 21, 2011

My closet and jewelry collection

My apartment is really small. I only have a bedroom and a livingroom/kitchen and a tiny bathroom, so my closet is in my bedroom. I have to make the best of this little space. 

I keep my favorite items on show..The rest is in a closed closet and in the vanity. 

Some of my favorite shoes

Some of my jewelry are on show on one of the shelves and I also store some in the vanity.

I have my brushes in Indian cups and a acryllic container holding some makeup. The rest of my makeup is in the vanity.

I also store some of my scarfs / hijabs in the vanity. These are just the square ones. 


  1. This is the best closet I've ever seen.
    Following you hoping you'll do the same.
    Plz take a look at my blog & tell me your opinion.


  2. Oh thank you soo much for your sweet comment. It means A LOT. I am looking at your blog now. I will follow your blog as well...I also get to practise my French:)

  3. Love the closet! Pretty, simple and gorgeous. Very practical also. Did i mention Gorgeous?//......INSPIRED!

    Ps: i LOVE your blog!!

  4. I love ur jewelry box and the indian cups, may i know from where you got them?

  5. the jewelry box I got from my fiancé. It was bought in Matas in Denmark and the cups I bought a long time ago. They were really cheap. I know you can buy some at Day Birger et Mikkelsen as well go here to check them out.
    maybe you can find some at ebay as well

  6. Where did you get that hand/jewelry holder? I have a ring collection and I’ve been looking for a hand figure like that to hold my stack rings. Anyway, how were you able to keep your stuff organized?