Monday, February 21, 2011

New Buyings

I went to Aarhus this weekend as I was there to pick up my fiancee at the airport. He's home for the week:) (soo happy) I did some shopping. I bought these Topshop ballerina shoes and I went to Malene Birger's shop at Magasin and found this necklace and bracelets- They were 70% off, so I had to have them. My fiancee got me the eyebrow pencil in lingering and the constructivist paintpot at the airport.


  1. Looooooove every item you bought!! "Besse7a" as we say here in Morocco!!! ;)

  2. ´Love the flats a lot! Nice shopping!

  3. I love ballerina flats and things that sparkle so these shoes are just perfect:)

    I'm now following both of your blogs