Thursday, August 18, 2011

Supporting Africa's Horn - in the media

I was interviewed by the local newspaper this Tuesday about supporting the people in Africa's Horn that are starving. We are putting a bazaar together. People can donate clothes and at my work I have a girl's club, where young girls make bracelets and soap and other things they are going to sell. All the money they collect will go to Danish Red Cross to send to Somalia. We will also be in TV on Friday the 26th. To read the article go here. It's in Danish so all of you might not be able to read it. 
The paintings in the background are made by me.


  1. The painting in the back, is it from a cover of National Geographic with an Afghan girl on it? I remember that girls face representing the Afghan people during their Civil War.
    You are very talented :)

  2. yes you're right it's from National gerographic. Thanks you that very sweet