Thursday, August 18, 2011


1: I am an only child
2: I am a convert to Islam
3: I am a youth worker with a passion for fashion and interior design
4: I'm pretty shy
5: I was a tomboy up until I was 18
6: I'm getting married and moving to London in a year
7: I watch 2 episodes (at least) of Friends every night
8: Jewelry and nail polish are my obessions
9: I fall asleep in 2 minutes
10: I don't like Facebook
11: I prefer to write letters, not emails
12: I love Somalian food
13: I am addicted to Coca Cola
14: The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is turning on my computer
15: My favorite singer is Lauren Hill
16: I'm not really social
17: I am a romantic and in love with love
18: I'm obsessed with the Kardashian's style
19: Family means the world to me
20: I will rather make other people happy than myself
21: My favorite kinds of shoes are ballerina shoes 
22: I will choose gold over silver any day
23: I use glasses, but mostly I wear contacts
24: I love the smell of newly mowed grass
25: I don't like to text. I'd rather talk on the phone

Now...Tell me 25 things I don't know about you.


  1. 1. I've been a Christian all of my life.

    2. If I did not tweeze I would have a unibrow.

    3. I have broken my pinky on my right hand and my 3rd toe on my right foot.

    4. I love old black and white movies.

    5. Halle Berry is my style icon.

    6. I like Lays potato chips with mustard and banana peppers..yummo!

    7. My favorite singer is Prince.

    8. I have an obsession with paper towels.

    9. I have scoliosis.

    10. I am addicted to YouTube and NetFlix!

    11. I hate rainy days.

    12. I have lived in (5) different states.

    13. I've been married (7) years.

    14. I can eat pizza for all three meals.

    15. I love although I have no kids.

    16. I'm afraid of public speaking. I'm shy.

    17. I've never lived alone. And I never will!

    18. I used to be a music video model.

    19. I love puppies breath.

    20. I am an only child.

    21. I text instead of calling.

    22. My favorite stone is Turquoise.

    23. I would love to live in a hotel.

    24. I'm addicted to Coca-Cola. What's in that stuff?!?!?!

    25. My Family Is My Life.

  2. I could say we are very similar <3 Maybe you should check my blog and follow me back if you like :)


  3. Hey great Post! Mine is:

    1. I’m Palestinian- and proud!
    2. I have the biggest sweet tooth I have ever known to exist
    3. I have moved around 8 times including outside of the UK
    4. I can be really messy but I’ll still know where everything is.
    5. I can dislocate my left shoulder, which gives the illusion that there’s a huge dint there and everyone I know gets grossed out by it.
    6. I’m good at drawing/painting
    7. I have a phobia of velvet... and yes my friends do chase me around with it :/
    8. I love slow soppy songs!
    9. My dream designer bag is the Lady Dior in beige
    10. I’ve loved make-up ever since I could remember but started using it daily in my second year of university
    11. I’ve had eye laser surgery!
    12. I’m an adrenaline junkie and would love to go sky diving!
    13. BUT I feel nauseous looking at images of far distances e.g. someone falling from a building on TV... that also includes looking at Google earth :S
    14. I am fascinated by Gods creations
    15. I’m pretty good at writing but can’t spell to save my life
    16. I don’t have a favourite colour!
    17. I can fall asleep when the TV is on but the ticking noise of a clock would drive me insane!
    18. I cry/feel like crying when I see someone else cry!
    19. I’m a good listener
    20. I’m a sucker for anything miniature
    21. I love brown eyes!
    22. My favourite sentence that I constantly use is “Excuse you!”
    23. I can put on a Scouse (Liverpool) accent!
    24. I can be quite shy when I first meet someone but I’ll be myself when I’m settled
    25. I love most animals but have a passionate hate for snakes!

  4. Great to hear all of your 25 thing you don't know:) feels like I know you a bit more:)