Monday, March 5, 2012

Pics from Fashion Outlet ( Modebørs )

 As promised here are some pics from Sunday's Fashion Outlet in Aalborg. I sold some things, but I still have a lot left, so I'll be going in June again.
Here is a pic of some of my clothes. I only brought all new things or things I worn once or twice. We could have taken a lot more pictures, but next time...
 My sister-in-law, Ayan, took the pictures. Here I am waiting for customers:)
 These are some of the things I was selling. I had a lot of clothes and shoes, nail polishes, jewelry etc. People loved my embellished Zara shoes, but they were too high for anyone to buy them. I bought these in London, but I got them a size too big and I didn't notice untill I was home in Denmark...
 Do you need you some Essie, Opi or China Glaze?
All the pictures Ayan took of me is only my head, so no OOTD this
The bad thing about me going to stuff like this is that I always buy something...I was there to sell stuff, not buy! -but I only got three things... I tried these suede moccasins, but I didn't get them. Now I regret it, because they're kind of cute...
The three things I DID get, I will show you tomorrow.

I guess this was my first really personal post...or at least the first with pictures of me. I think I'm ready for some OOTD's soon :)


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    1. ja er også bare så træt af jeg ikke købte dem. hun skulle kun ha 150 for dem...