Sunday, March 25, 2012

What did I do this week - week 12, 2012

This week I finally had my appointment at the salon to get my hair dyed. I will not be showing my hair here as I always cover my hair when I'm out, because of religious beliefs...Well, I had black ends and my hair was lighter on top. I wanted something lighter and ended up with this color that Kim has in the pic. I was really not happy with it at first, and also went back to the salon a couple of days later (they must hate me), but I'll grow into it:) I was at the salon for 4½ hours! First they had to rinse all the old color out of my hair and then color it, but it was too red after they were done so they colored it again and ended up with this color. I will maybe do some lighter brown highlights in a few months. Going to the salon in Denmark is very expensive, so I don't go too often - actually I think I only go two or three times a year...
Well, after my salon visit I went to my car to see a parking ticket and I too was sick this day, so it was just a day of bad luck...
I was sick for two days with the flu, but as I was feeling well again I decided to redecorate my livingroom/ office space. I hate being sick and I always go to work before I really should.
I also did a little neon spray DIY project on this H&M necklace. I'll show you more pics this coming week.
Today I spend the day at my mom's house planting and decorating these pots. You can see more pics over at A Touch Of Luxe
Hope you had a nice week. I loved that we had one more hour of daylight today - spring is finally here.


  1. Oooh, I'm excited to see how that necklace comes out. Pretty color and style from what I can see. <3

  2. Love your decoration, amazing taste !!