Monday, April 16, 2012

The birth of Tanyesha

I've been wanting to do a more personal blog for a while, posting OOTD pics and detail pics and other random stuff. I'm still going to be posting celeb pics and other things here on FBG, but visit TANYESHA and tell me what you think. As I want the new blog to be all about my personal style and buyings and stuff like that, I wanted it to have a personal name too. I went with Tanyesha, which is my two names combined: Tanja Ayesha = Tanyesha:) (yeah, I know it's kind of Twilight-ish combining two names to one) Well, I hope you'll take the time to come visit<3 
Also remember I'll do a giveaway here as soon as I hit 100 followers via google connect...


  1. Hey luv...the link to ur new site doesnt work..

  2. thank you for letting me know...I must have made a mistake. It should work now:)