Friday, April 13, 2012

Review - Yves Rocher selftanners and scrub

For most of my life I tanned a lot - like A LOT. My skin doesn't get a sunburn that easily, so I would not wear sunscreen and I would even tan in sunbeds in the winter-months. I really regret this now. I'm sure my skin would be a lot healtier haven't I tanned so much. Now I swear by self-tanners. It's a jungle outthere. You want something that doesn't smell too bad, something that doesn't make you look orange and something that's easy to apply. I was so happy, when I recieved these selftanners by Yves Rocher. I've been using them for two weeks now, and I really love them. 

The products smell of tiare flowers and don't have that self-tanner smell at all - I actually think these are the products that smell the best out of all self-tanners I've tried.

The face Autobronzant is a anti-wrinkle tanner with a lifting-effect. It really it super soft and smooth. I apply this every 3 days to keep a nice glow. The cream is white when applied and it's very easy to apply it without any streaks. In a couple of hours it gives you a nice glow. Not too dark, just a nice glow.

I'm really loving the Autobronzant self-tanner spray too. It gives you a nice color in only an hour. This spray has the same tiare flower scent and is very easy to apply. It looks like a oil when applied. You can spray a little to get a glow and spray more to go dark. 
I love the fact that these are botanical and that they really smell nice.

The last thing I'm reviewing this time it the Botanical apricot scrub. This apricot scrub has a really nice scent to it. It's packed with naturally exfoliating apricot kernel powder, saro oil and organic Mexican agave. Really another great product. 
I have to give all three things 5 of 5 stars.

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