Sunday, November 20, 2011

Advent Giveaway #1

I'll be having 4 Advent Giveaways here on Fashion Beauty Glamour the next 4 Sundays. I don't celebrate Christmas myself as I am a muslim, but I thought I would do something nice for all of you out there:) This is the first one ending Sunday 27th. You'll win a Yves Rocher nail polish in Aubergine and a Yves Rocher quick dry fluid. All you have to do is follow my blog and in the comment box tell me your top five wishes. Giveaway is open for everyone worldwide:)


  1. 1.I wish for
    2.fries that never make you gain weight
    3.unlimited airline miles so i could go to kansas every weekend to see my best friend
    4.a self cleaning bathtub
    5. super high heels that dont hurt!
    thank for the giveaway!

  2. Hi ,
    1. I wish to meet my fiancee soon
    2. I wish to have a car
    3. wish to discover a new treatment for psoriasis
    4. wish to not feeling pain in my body
    5.wish the best for my family

    Thanks Shaimaa

  3. Hello! I'm a new follower! I love your blog!
    I wish a holidays
    I wish to have a new cousin
    I wish a lot of health for all my family
    I wish a pet
    I wish money!

    Ana Belén R.M