Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I'm packing for London...

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I had to take them tonight, because I was off from work at 10pm, so the light is bad and the flash kind of washes things out a bit...
Well, I'm bringing my leather jacket and some black heels for nights out. I'm also bringing my beloves Malene Birger scarf with tassels and some leather gloves from H&M. 

First outfit is a cream dress from H&M, some black leggins, a grey long-sleeved top and a statement silver necklace and marc by marc jacobs earrings.

Second outfit is a H&M nude dress, a H&M Trend knit, a Cos necklace, black leggins.

Third outfit is again black leggins, a By Malene Birger navy dress, Hermes bracelet and Belle Noel necklace, haircomb (I use it in my headscarf) and earrings.

For travelling I will wear a black H&M black skirt, By Malene Birger navy leggins with glitter, nude long sleeve top, a Sisters Point transparent white shirt and a Cos necklace.

It's SO cold outside, so I'm wearing my By Malene Birger coat and scarf.

Bringing my By Malene Birger phone-bag.

Louis Vuitton bags for toiletries and makeup. I will not be showing you all the stuff I'm taking with me, except the makeup, I choose to bring.

I'm bringing a big handbag and here in I will place a smaller nude bag from Zara, a big nude scarf, my Ipod, an eos lipbalm, my passport and travel dokuments, wallets, small case with jewelry and a magazine. 

In the last minute I chose I bring my By Malene Birger statement necklace.

And here's all things packed and I'm ready to go tomorrow morning at 5.30...I'll be back Saturday again. Have a nice week until then:)
Of course I have also packed socks, underwear and pyjama, but no need for you to see that:)


  1. London is so lovely, I was just there a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice! Take a look, we stayed in Westminster.


  2. I love every piece !! This post should be an example for packing !!

  3. I love all the outfits you put together! I'm drooling over that cream H & M dress! I want it now lol

  4. I love the nude dress from H&M, do you know if its still in the stores?

  5. Hi again I ment the cream dress:) Sorry...

  6. I pretty sure the dress is still in stores. I bought it on sale for only £3,5