Thursday, October 6, 2011

A look inside Nicky Hilton's closet

Nicky Hilton has an amazing sense of style and she has also proved herself as a designer doing a clothing line and handbags. Here's a look inside her amazing closet. Nicky says her weakness is shoes; Louboutin and Alaïa are her favorite. She also loves Hermes jewelry, Chanel shoes, bags and clothes and Balenciaga bags.
 Her shoe collection
 Hermes bracelet and Chanel bag
More Hermes bracelets and belt - baby blue is her favorite colour

 Dolche Gabbana coat, Chanel bag, Louboutin shoes
 Christian Dior coat, Louis Vuitton dress
 Balenciaga bags, Chloe top, Alaïa shoes, Chanel necklace and Yves Saint Laurent bag
 Her boyfriend gave her the cat Valentine for Valentine's day 
Chanel shirt and shoes
 All Balmain
Christian Dior shoes, Nicky Hilton jewelry

 Fun Chanel shoes and scarf
 She has an amazing collection of Balenciaga bags and McQueen scarfs

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  1. Oh my days she's got sooo much stuff! I love it though! One day my collection will be that large! Her cat is sooo cute too but I'd b too scared of it scratching my stuff! Great Post xoxo