Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yves Rocher review - Couleurs naturenail lacquer , Quick dry fluid and Couleurs nature lipsticks

So this is my first makeup-review ever. I'm reviewing 5 things from Yves Rocher; 2 lipsticks, 2 nailpolishes and a quick dry top coat. 
First off are the lipsticks. They are very creamy and contains sheabutter and abricotoil. They go on very smoothly. They are non-drying and the color payoff is amazing. It comes in 5 different shades and I am reviewing the color Rouge and Rose. I'm only into nude colors on mu lips myself, so the red is too bright for me. I know that bright lips are really in right now so if you like bright red try it out. The rose one is really beautiful for my skintype. 
Pro's: Great color payoff, creamy, contains organic sesamoil
Con's: I don't really like the smell of the lipsticks
On to the next 3 things; the polishes. I was sent the colors rouge and aubergine. I really like the aubergine color. Looks great on and you only need one coat. In the pictures I only have one coat of the polishes on and that's all you need. The quick dry top coat really does dry very quickly and gives the nail a shiny sheen. That's my favorite item out of them all. I really don't have any con's on the polishes. Polishes comes in 16 beautiful colors.

Please excuse my hand, which has a fading henna glove drawn on it. Go here to see the nailpolishes. Go here for the quick dry and go here for the lipsticks. In the bottom bar on the website you can change to your country:) 

I will have a giveaway on the red lipstick and red nailpolish in the near future so remember to follow:)


  1. I love the henna would love to see a tutorial!! love your blog:)

  2. Yes sure I will Hanna. I'll do a tutorial on it ones this one goes away:)